Downtown Falls Church Public Plaza

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Olin Perspective
Public Plaza Inefficient
Inefficient use of space, closed off & unwelcoming
dark narrow
Dark & narrow
Public Plaza Obstacles

Public Plaza Information

Located in the 100 block of Broad Street between Hunan Cafe and Hot & Juicy Crawfish
  • Designed by renowned national architects
  • Centrally located downtown
  • Water feature - great for kids!
  • Outdoor seating - increased restaurant activity
  • Open area for events & performances
  • Public plazas are beneficial in attracting new businesses, restaurants, & enhancing property values
  • Connects plaza to the sidewalk which increases downtown walkability
  • Could integrate with a future pedestrian mall
  • Area for public art & murals
  • Maximizes usable space
  • More light for increased safety
  • Activates downtown
Brought to you by the City of Falls Church Economic Development Authority